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First Episode:

Truth Be Told


Alias Episode Guide: Season 1

Pilot: Truth Be Told
Episode 2: So It Begins
Episode 3: Parity
Episode 4: A Broken Heart
Episode 5: Doppelganger
Episode 6: Reckoning
Episode 7: Color Blind

Episode 8: Time Will Tell
Episode 9: Mea Culpa
Episode 10: Spirit
Episode 11: The Confession
Episode 12: The Box, Part 1
Episode 13: The Box, Part 2
Episode 14: The Coup
Episode 15: Page 47
Episode 16: The Prophecy
Episode 17: Q & A
Episode 18: Masquerade
Episode 19: Snowman
Episode 20: The Solution
Episode 21: Rendezvous
Episode 22: Almost Thirty Years

Season 1 Episode Reviews

Season 2 Episodes
Season 3 Episodes
Season 4 Episodes


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